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Book (Pre-print) 

“Signal Recovery” , Ivan Rech,Giulia Acconcia.

The book is intended as study support for students attending the course. Its structure follows the lessons’ schedule; supplementary material within the text is identified with a lateral bar.
This is the first edition of the book: every suggestion provided by the reader is more than welcome.

The book can be downloaded here. While the exercise book can be downloaded here.

© 2022 Ivan Rech, Giulia Acconcia

Application Notes

  • Application note about Boxcar Averager can be found here
  • Application notes about Lock-in and scientific instruments in general can be found here
  • Compendium of technical information related to the application of strain gages, installation accessories and instruments in the making of precision strain measurements: here


  • Temperature tables provide cross-reference information for specific types of thermocouples and RTDs at various temperatures: here
  • Website of Hamamatsu, photonics company: here
  • Datasheets of Vishay strain gage: here